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Study Skills: Mind mapping

by John Bransby

John Bransby is a former principal and examiner and is currently a Maths and Science Educational consultant

A mind map is a diagram that visually maps out, summarises or organises information. For many people, using mind maps helps them to remember information more easily.

How to make a mind map

1. Start your mind map by writing or drawing a word or picture in the centre of the page. This word of picture should represent your main idea and for the section or chapter.
2. Draw branches extending from your central image and write a key word or draw a picture to represent your main topics (or major points) on these branches.
3. From your main topics, draw further branches for your sub-topics drawing and/or writing key words down as you go.
4. From your sub-topics, branch off with more detail that supports your sub-topics with more key words and drawings.
5. Continue to add more detail, more topics more sub-topics until you have completely summarised the section or chapter on the page.

Using drawings, key words and various colours will also make it easier and more interesting when preparing for exams.

Why make mind maps?

  • When creating your mind map, you use both sides of your brain.
  • Like your brain, a mind map works with links, connections and associations.
  • A mind map makes it easier to remember facts.
  • A mind map helps you to become more creative.
  • A mind map allows ideas to flow easily.
  • A mind map can be read and reviewed quickly and easily.
  • It is easy to see how ideas are related on a mind map.
  • A mind map uses keywords to improve memory and saves time.
  • A mind map focuses on the main idea and then connects the other ideas.
  • A mind map allows you to make easy additions.
  • All the information on a section or chapter is on one page.
  • Mind mapping optimises your brain’s potential fully.

Follow this link to a video on how to make mind maps – it may be the answer for you!

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